A checkered and controversial history

By | July 7, 2017


Anal sex has a bit of a checkered and controversial history. Kings Cross escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/kings-cross-escorts say that many people are confused about anal sex, and what it is about anal sex that turn a lot of men on. There could be many psychological factors behind this issue, so we decided to contact sex expert Dr. Annie Bliss to hear what she had to say on the matter. Dr. Bliss has worked with porn stars and Kings Cross escorts, and gained her PhD from a reputable university. She is very interested in the issue of anal sex, and say that there may even be some historical significance at play. Just like many Kings Cross escorts, she appreciates the fact that many people have different sexual preferences, and we should not try to prejudge people’s sexual attitudes or preferences too much. Anal sex has been around for a long time, and Kings Cross escorts say that there are many historical accounts of annual sex having been popular for thousands of years. However, most Kings Cross escorts are not sure why some men have a need to have anal sex with their partners, and why some are concerned about being gay.

Anal Sex in History

The first time we read and hear about anal sex is from the Greek Macedonian armies of Alexander the Great. Anal sex seem to have been a very popular practice amongst his troops but no one seem to have considered it as a “gay” activity”. Many of the men, including Alexander himself, were married and had wives as well. However, Dr. Bliss is keen to point out that this is probably where the idea that all men who had anal sex were gay came from. The truth is throughout history there are a lot of references to men having anal sex with women. It was used as a normal sexual practice as child birth was not only very dangerous in those days, but it was also a way of avoiding pregnancy. So, perhaps this is a natural instinct which tells us that if we have anal sex, we avoid pregnancy. So Kings Cross escorts are right, this is a very complex issue and there are many different reasons behind anal sex.

The Pleasure

Kings Cross escorts think that we are a bit too quick to put the emphasis on men. What if, like many Kings Cross escorts believe, it is the women who ask the men to give them anal sex? It may not come natural to all men but perhaps the partners talk them into it. They may say that it will give the man more pleasure this way, and gradually step by step, a men gets used to the idea. All of a sudden, it may seem perfectly natural to enjoy anal sex with your partner. Dr. Bliss points out that once you have enjoyed a sexual activity, you may want to try it again. She also points out that there is plenty of straight women who enjoy having anal sex with other straight women by using dildos or strap-on. Our sex lives are unique to us, and what one person enjoys, another one might hate. Kings Cross escorts always say that great sex is about variety and exploring. We should be prepared to explore our sexual relationship with ourselves as well as our partners.

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