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By | June 13, 2016

I am really nuts about role play and I could do it all of the time. Of course, I get to satisfy my need for sexy role play at London escorts, but back home things are different. My boyfriend is not really that much into sexy role play, and he says that it confuses him. I think that it sets a relationship on fire, and many therapists say that helps to keep sexual tension in a relationship strong as well. Most of the girls at London escorts are into a bit of role play, but I think it would be fair to say that I may have taken things a step further.

Many of my dates at cheap escorts in London know that I am really into role play and that is why they come to see me. Some of the gents that I date at cheap escorts in London want me to put on the same thing every time, others want me to surprise. I am happy whichever way. The truth is that along as I get a chance to dress up, I know that I am totally nuts about role play and ready to go for it any time.

Recently I did a role play photo shoot in adult magazine. It was a great advert for our London escorts service and I really managed to pack out my dating diary. At first my boss was not so keen on doing the shoot, but now he is mad keen on me doing it again. After seeing how much it benefited our cheap escorts in London service I can completely understand. I have even suggested that we put up a special section on our web site and dedicate it to role play. The boss is not so keen about that, but I keep reminding him that he was wrong about the photoshoot.

Why do some people get turned on by role play and others not? Some of the gents that I date at cheap escorts in London say that they chill out a lot more when we have role play sessions. They say that they let the devil in them come out to play. That is probably true, and I have noticed that I have many naughty boys who like to date me at cheap escorts in London. Some of the other gents that I date say that it makes them feel awkward. If a gent does not enjoy role play, I simply don’t make it part of the date.

The sexy me loves to play and be a bit naughty, but I can be sensual as well. I know that many of the gents who visit cheap escorts in London need a little bit of sensuality in their lives. It is okay with me and I enjoy spending time with these gents as well. But, I must admit that being naughty and dressing up really turns me on. As a matter of fact, I like it when people dress up for me as well. To be perfectly honest, there is nothing like a pilot coming through the door. Pilots don’t have to dress up for me, I am there straight away if you know what I mean…

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